Memórias da Cidade [exposição]

Memórias da Cidade [exposição] · Memories of City [exhibition]

Martin Parr

2020, PT,

The After City 2020

24 Nov 2020 · The Cave Photography · 17H00

In 2020 the festival joins The Cave Photography to present an exhibition by Martin Parr that brings together some of the most relevant works from the programme "Memories of City" do Encontros da Imagem, Festival de Fotografia e Artes Visuais de Braga. The photographer's prodigious use of saturated colours, flash and selective blurring, with which he isolates details and makes them dialogue with the general plans, stands out. In this case, the critical content that is usual in his images, particularly interested in denouncing the massifying globalisation of consumerism, gives way to a more serene and much less caustic observation, marked by an evident attention to the place - a work very different from the exercise of an acquired style, as is usual in this type of order.