20 - 29 Nov 2020

The end of history, ideologies, time, and even of the world, was successively announced, dragging with it the life and death of the cities that, from abandoned, then built, razed, promised or dreamed, were reborn and transformed into imagined worlds, stories told and more or less fulfilled revolts.

But the visual hinges, the kinematic configurations, the landscapes, and even the atmospheric scope, of cities are challenged today. Green corridors that connect the centres to the outskirts, lifts and cable cars for tourists, bicycle paths and shy nods to eco-friendly or smart city concepts: the after city is all this. After the climate emergency, but also after the migratory emergency, the tourist emergency or the sub-proletarian indigence, which already circulates without a neighbourhood, without any belonging. In this intense now, which is always the time of the after, cities are no longer shelters, leaving, inexorably, the most vulnerable of their citizens homeless. No dream that it shelters, no utopia that it shelters, no urbanity that it shelters: what does the cinema show us about the city? 

Cinecittà is the possibility of a whole world and the citizens, however confined they may be, are bright points of light that enliven life, whether in the music of a Byrne utopia, in reliving the anti-racist uprisings of Martin Luther King or in the suburbs of Lisbon and L.A. in the footsteps of Ventura and Stan. 

From 20th to 29th November, Porto/Post/Doc occupies again several venues of the city (Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli, Cinema Passos Manuel, Planetário do Porto - Centro de Ciência Viva and Escola das Artes - UCP). And because new times require adaptations, for the first time ever, the festival presents a part of the programming on online platforms. 

The 2020 edition is supported by Câmara Municipal do Porto and Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual (ICA) - Ministério da Cultura and has Fundação “la Caixa”/ BPI as main patronage, as well as several other partnerships essential to the realization of the festival.