Aïsha Devi

Aïsha Devi · Aïsha Devi

2016, SWI, 120'

Concerts 2016 / Transmission 2016

26 Nov 2016 · Rivoli Understage · 23H30

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Of Matter and Spirit, the debut album of the Swiss artist, crosses the electronic languages intimately connected with the languor of the psychedelic, in an exercise of confrontation between corporal expression and hallucinated lethargy. The way music stirs the air and fills space can alter the environment in which we find ourselves: it is in this spatial metamorphosis, via frequencies, that Aïsha Devi cohabits with the beings of the mundane plane of realities, urging them to pass through the doors of perception, which opens with phantasmagoric synthesizers, wide reverberations that push away and approach walls and their penetrating voice.