Good Times, Wonderful Times

Tempos Bons, Tempos Fantásticos · Good Times, Wonderful Times

Lionel Rogosin

1966, PRT, 70', M12

Working Class Heroes: Lionel Rogosin 2016

03 Dec 2016 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

A common mortal does not lose his virginity at age 15 with a beautiful Swedish woman who is tem years older, on a summer’s evening on the French Riviera. But in the case of John Casablancas, the founder of the very famous Elite Models, the concept of common never applied. In this biopic (which masterfully weaves together several interviews,
other archival material and even animation to recreate certain events), it is the man himself who recounts the accidental way he entered the fashion world, and how his wealthy background and his privileged position in high society were essential. However, and with a certain reluctance in playing this memory game, begins by confessing: “Did my life have meaning? I don’t know. I didn’t do anything that changed the world. But, by god, did I have fun living it. The testimony is humble, but his legacy is undeniable: Casablancas changed the model agency paradigm, launching Crawford, Campbell, Evangelista — and so the top model was born. (Lídia Queirós)