Ingen Ko På Isen

Sem Vaca no Gelo · No Cow On The Ice

Eloy Domínguez Serén

2015, SWE, ESP, 63’, M12

Cinefiesta 2016

03 Dec 2016 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 21H30

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Someone with a degree and a master who has to emigrate because he doesn’t find work – doesn’t that sound familiar? Going from the inside to the outside, the director films his everyday life as he adapts to a new country, its culture, its people and, above all, its new language. Curiously enough, during the time when he isn’t fluent in Swedish, the Galician registers his inner monologues exclusively through intertitles, and he only begins to orally narrate the film when he adopts the foreign language, as a self-disciplined way of both learning and appreciating the country’s ways. Either within frame or outside of it, Serén builds a daily record on the filmed memory – which is, at times, also poetic – of an experience of uprooting and slowly understanding the pains that come from emigration, even if globalization and publicity hardly try to convince us otherwise. Benefiting from a remarkable photography and applying a filmic notion of time-rhythm in perfect harmony with the Swedish weather-climate and time-landscape (the long and still shots are there because the landscape itself claims them), the film, even in its nostalgia, never clings too much to the idea of a happiness that “stayed behind”, pointing out, optimistically enough, that even if nothing in particular foreshadows it, something good is coming. (Francisco Noronha)

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Eloy Dominguez Serén
2016, SWE, ESP, 14'