Cinema Novo

Cinema Novo · Cinema Novo

Eryk Rocha

2016, BRA, 90', M12

Focus Eryk Rocha 2016

26 Nov 2016 · TM Rivoli, Grande Auditório · 22H00

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More than a film about aesthetic and cinematographic movement that became known as “new Brazilian cinema”, Eryk Rocha structures its narrative from an idea (the usual “idea in the head”) of affinity, complicity and communion of ideas and procedures around a group of young filmmakers of many origins that come together around a cinematographic and cultural project revolutionary to the boiling Brazilian society. New Cinema is conceived and built solely from archive material, from the films themselves to visual and sound testimonies from the time, where images and sounds from distinct sources create a dialogue, by approximation or remoteness, in an attractive mounting style that exposes the main visual and sound triggers that built a revolutionary identity to the Brazilian cinema in the 60’s. New Cinema is not just a film about “the new Brazilian cinema”, but a film made in the manner of “the new Brazilian cinema”, a document that composes itself in that same orientation and ambition of changing the world from a camera and a mounting table. (PC)