Intervalo Clandestino

Intervalo Clandestino · Clandestine Break

Eryk Rocha

2006, BRA, 94', M12

Focus Eryk Rocha 2016

29 Nov 2016 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

This is a documentary about politics, but without politicians, because it is on the street that we find the people who matter. More than answers, we find questions and concerns about the state of the Brazilian society, in full campaign for the 2006 elections. A cacophony of statements and beliefs, montages and archival material, this portrait seeks to be the mirror of a Brazilian policy on permanent seizure. By adding political statements recorded on television, Eryk Rocha distorts and manipulates these images to emphasize its artificial nature, almost surreal, which then contrasts with “real” images captured among people on the street. It is this work of handling and chain of sequences that we find the voice of Eryk Rocha, in the middle of all that arise throughout the film, trying to make sense of this Babel tower. (João Araújo)