Silêncio · Silence

Christophe Bisson

2016, FRA, 56', M12

Cinema Falado 2016

03 Dec 2016 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 18H30

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The images where the homeless live is the motto from which Cristophe Bisson sets off for its project shot in Porto. In Silêncio, the director records statements from a small group of homeless people filmed in an inhabited palace of the city. Its tall windows and roofs give context to each testimony: isolating it from the streets environment and circumstances so the spectators focus only in each person and their history. As the director said himself, this space gap, but also a time one, allows an embracing that goes beyond first impressions: “I don’t want to build fake representations of their lives, of what they do, of what they are. I give them the opportunity to open themselves, being their truest self, with their complexity, with their contradictions”. The film was directed with the very active help of numerous institutions, giving special importance to the Homelessness Planning and Intervention Center known as NPISA. (Andreia Magalhães)