В лучах Солнца

Debaixo do Sol · Under The Sun

Vitaly Mansky

2015, RUS, DEU, CZE, LVA, PRK, 106', M12

Competition 2016 / School Trip Teenage 2016

27 Nov 2016 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 21H30

30 Nov 2016 · TM Rivoli, Grande Auditório · 14H30

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The daily reality of North Korea has been causing a fascination on the occidental imaginary. How do people live in a communist country closed to the rest of the world? Starting from this purpose, the Russian director, Vitaly Masnky, has chosen an original approach: being conducted by the political regime and the fictional indications of its guides. This apparent ideological transparency promotes, however, a contradictory move: letting the regime make up its own imaginary, composed, in this case, by an ideal family with a daughter, Zin-mi, that will soonly become a member of the Children Committee. As the saying goes: any fiction film is a documentary of its own production time. That defines Under the Sun: a portrait of north-Korean mythology and its imperious civilization. It's quite obvious that Mansky takes another step, showing what's behind and beyond the "Action!" and "Cut!". It's in the "tips of the filmstrip", to use an anachronistic analogy, that the film becomes a terrible portrait of the subtle repression of a nation. And there is nothing more heartbreaking or touching in this insight than observing Zin-mi's tears, which brings to light the pressure of "normality".  (Daniel Ribas)