No Matter Where You Go There You Are

Não Importa Onde Estás, Lá Estarás · No Matter Where You Go There You Are

Pedro Ferreira

2016, PRT, 80', M6

Cinema Falado 2016

27 Nov 2016 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

Through a tour around Canada, Europe (passing through Portugal) and Asia, Pedro Ferreira’s film, accompanied by the voice and text of Assunta Alegiani (in off), questions the most current and simultaneously misunderstood term of our time. “Globalization” is the concept that, in an essayistic perspective, Alegiani will analyze critically, both making personal reflections (even biographical ones), and recurring to ideas from many thinkers such as Minh-ha or Marc Augé, this last one particularly relevant for the connection of non-places (concept by him created) to the images that we see of train stations or airports themselves. Control and privacy (can we still even pronounce this word without giving a laugh after?), inequality between North and South and neocolonialism, the rushing and lacking from critic consumption of information disguised as “culture” or the increase of communication and the paradoxical loneliness to it attached are some of the contemporary (although timeless) questions revisited and that, especially in the moments they’re followed by images filmed from an airplane, from above the clouds, gain a somewhat atmospherical, almost poetic, dimension, as if we could only truly understand the world keeping that distance from it, looking at it from thousands of feet high. (Francisco Noronha)