Apresentação da Exposição Fotográfica "Lionel Rogosin"

Exposição Fotográfica "Lionel Rogosin" · Presentation on the Photography Exhibition "Lionel Rogosin"

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Other Events 2015 / Working Class Heroes: Lionel Rogosin 2015

05 Dec 2015 · TM Rivoli, Foyer Auditório Isabel Alves Costa · 18H00

During the festival an exhibition of photographs of Lionel Rogosin will take place in the Foyer of the Auditório Isabel Alves Costa in Teatro Rivoli. This initiative aims to highlight the Rogosin's films at the festival, which are fundamental works of political documentary. From a selection made by Michael Rogosin, son of Lionel and who will be in Porto, this collection serves as an example of Rogosin's particular look, and show the timeless quality and social background of his images. Michael Rogosin will make a presentation of the exhibition on December 5 at 18:00.