Cercados · Surrounded

André Tentúgal, Vasco Mendes

2015, PRT, 24', M12

Transmission 2015

03 Dec 2015 · Maus Hábitos · 22H00

“Cercados” is a portrait: it begins with the Cerco neighbourhood as a starting point of view to the rest of the city, exploring it as a concept and a conditioning (geographic, social and identity), celebrating it as a collective. Oupa was a pretext (a social project in artistic residency, part of the initiative "Expanding Culture" of the Department of Culture of the CMP, developed in 2015 in the neighbourhood of Cerco, by a team of psychologists and artists), "Cercados" is not reduced to a making-of style documentary, nor is only the representation of the youth who took part in the various workshops. It's an emotional film, which talks about overcoming, unity and strength by focusing on youth in the east of Porto and the way they look at themselves, at the future and at music as redemption. Ana Fernandes (Capicua)