The Perfect Team: The Making Of On The Bowery

A Equipa Perfeita · The Perfect Team: The Making Of On The Bowery

Michael Rogosin

2009, USA, FRA, ITA, 46', M12

School Trip 2015 / Working Class Heroes: Lionel Rogosin 2015

07 Dec 2015 · TM Rivoli, Grande Auditório · 10H00


The work of Lionel Rogosin is still nowadays one of the most influential and up-to-date, by the way he combined documentary with fiction. Rogosin – an American soldier who wanted to fight fascism and racism after World War II – had intended to film the apartheid in Africa, but decided to direct "On the Bowery" first as a learning process for his next and more audacious project. "The Perfect Team" serves as a making of and is a valuable document to explain the historical significance of the film. In an interview to Rogosin himself, and with other statements by historians and artists, we find the story behind the film, and how Rogosin gathered a team of technicians and actors that he found on the Bowery. Luís Mendonça