The Movement of Phill Niblock

O Movimento de Phil Niblock · The Movement of Phill Niblock

Maurits Wouters

2015, BEL, 61', M6

Transmission 2015

04 Dec 2015 · Passos Manuel · 23H59


“Less is more" is the best way to describe Phil Niblock’s music. This is a film about the composer of drone music, a minimal music that uses the repetition of sounds, notes or clusters. Niblock was born in the US in 1933. He started as the personal photographer of Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington. He also made experimental cinema. When he turned 60, Sonic Youth gave a concert in his flat. The film follows the hypnotic rhythm of his music, filmed in grey and dull tones, with monotone music background. It is a document for future memory; Niblock is old and getting deaf. César Nóbrega