White Coal

Carvão Branco · White Coal

Georg Tiller

2015, AUT, 70', M12

Competition 2015

02 Dec 2015 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

05 Dec 2015 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 15H00


The industrial universe separated by thousands of miles: a coal plant in Poland is portrayed in black and white; the largest center of coal-fired electricity in Taiwan is shown in color. In one scene, following a group of workers on a boat, the images refer to the novel by Herman Melville, "The Confidence-Man." This is a film-trip documenting two distinct realities connected by human labor relations with the soil and the earth. A visual poem written by the camera through the space that simultaneously reflects the passing time. There is what is real but there is also space for dream and contemplation. (Carolina Rufino)