Porto da Minha Infância

Porto da Minha Infância · Porto of My Childhood

Manoel de Oliveira

2001, PRT, 62', M6

Cinema Falado 2015

05 Dec 2015 · TM Rivoli, Grande Auditório · 21H00

A film narrated by its own director, Manoel de Oliveira, about his youth memories in the city where he was born (and a city he saw changing for over a century), “Porto of My Childhood” precipitates, in the same anamnestic movement, a spiral of times and places. The city that the film portrays is, and is not, the Porto from Oliveira 's childhood, the time that the film summons is, and is not, the actuality of the past. First name and common noun, it is first of all and at the same time port of departure and port of arrival. And it is in this rummage of times and voids, this whirl that makes cinema simultaneously the art of the present illusion and the art of this phantasmagorical tornado, that we are led, as João Bénard da Costa said, amid ruins, "to the past, the past seen from the present, a past who carries time itself." (António Preto)

This screening is sponsored by Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes.