On December 4, 2016, the 3rd Porto/Post/Doc came to an end. There were nine intense days, with a hundred films and several other events, such as concerts, debates, Q&As and parties.

We surpassed 10 thousand spectators, with an average of 100 spectators per session and including several sold out screenings. There is, therefore, an audience for cinema in Porto. A diverse audience, curious, thought-provoking and very young that makes us project a promising future.

We are a frontier festival, which defies genre conventions and promotes new and daring films. Cinema is also a political weapon: a weapon against oblivion and for the dignity of the human being. This will also continue to be a mark of Porto/Post/Doc.

For us, to have a festival is to participate in the public space, to rescue the memory and to provoke the debate. We are a space of encounter, of creativity and of cultural agitation. We make a festival with passion and we want this passion shared with the public. It is with this audience that we can be better.

In the coming months we will continue our regular exhibition activity, through the cycles program of Há Filmes na Baixa!, in Passos Manuel. We will also give continuity to our educational project, reinforcing the ties of the festival with the schools of the region, from the kids to the university education.