Arché Porto: four selected projects

by Porto/Post/Doc / 28 10 2021

The four projects selected to participate in the 5th edition of Arché project development workshops are already known. This years edition will be held in Porto/Post/Doc between November 20th and 25th.

À Procura Da Estrela, de Carlos Martínez-Peñalver Mas (Spain)
Calada, de Adan Aliaga (Portugal, Spain)
Cielos Rojos, de Marina Thomé (Brazil, Chile)
Sociedade Anónima, de Vanessa Rodrigues (Portugal)

The project development workshop will be tutored by Sergio Oksman, Brazilian director based in Madrid, and will also include a pitching session aimed for film professionals attending the Festival. 

Arché results from a collaboration between Apordoc and Porto/Post/Doc that seeks to promote opportunities for new film projects, free from immediate financial and logistical objectives, while directly focusing on the reflection on the creative process in terms of directing and production.

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