Paisagem Submersa

Paisagem Submersa · Submerged Landscape

Miguel Almeida

2019, PT, 15', M12

Cinema Novo Competition 2019 / Há Filmes na Baixa!

23 Nov 2019 · Passos Manuel · 17H00

22 Sep 2021 · Maus Hábitos · 20H30

The mist lays above the river water, gliding from one riverbank to the other. We can hear the roosters crowing and dogs barking back thus creating a natural symphony, that is joined by crows, nightingales and cicadas. This is how the day rises in Couto de Esteves. Near the riverside of the Vouga river, Cidália, Marias Madalenas, Manuel and José talk about the stories that were submerged by the past but are remembered through memories. A cross between past and present, two sides that are constantly further away.

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