Coffea Arábiga

Café Arábica · Coffea Arabica

Nicolás Guillén Landrián

1968, CUB, 18’, M12

Carte Blanche Play-Doc IFF 2016 / Cinefiesta 2016

29 Nov 2016 · Maus Hábitos · 22H00

Porto/Post/Doc session in partnership with Shortcutz Porto. This film belongs to Play-Doc's Carte Blanche. Free entrance.

 From the coffee tree to your lips. The Cuban Film Institute commanded Landrián to make a propaganda documentary to show how to sow coffee around Havana, one of Castro’s most delirious ideas. In fact, Guillén Landrián made a didactic film, which at the same time managed to betray the official proposal. The great irreverence: the use in the soundtrack of a forbidden song by The Beatles, The fool on the hill, when Castro walks to a podium for a speech. The documentary was exhibited but banned as soon as the coffee plan collapsed.

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Coffea Arábiga
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