Conversa com Jossie Malis

Conversa com Jossie Malis · Conversa com Jossie Malis

Jossie Malis

2020, ES, 90'

Industry 2020

25 Nov 2020 · Online · 19H30

In partnership with Escola das Artes – Universidade Católica Portuguesa, the festival presents an online conversation with the director of "Bendito Machine Saga", Jossie Malis, who will share with the students his experience in the area of realization, with special focus on animation.

Jossie Malis (1976) is an illustrator, animator and filmmaker of Peruvian-Chilean origin. Having grown up between two countries, he has spent the last decade between two continents, living in New York, Florida and Barcelona, and is now sending signals to outer space from the island of Mallorca in Spain. His work is an acute commentary on humans and their weaknesses, their machines, their dreams and the mysteries of the universe.