Cidades Imaginadas

Cidades Imaginadas · Imagined Cities

2020, PT, 90'

Forum of the Real 2020

26 Nov 2020 · Online · 11H00

The city on paper, in the photographic emulsion, in the pages of books: drawing, photographing and writing are concrete actions to fix the imagination, to paralyse the image while inventing the citizenship to come. From the invisible cities by Calvino to the Babelian biblical labyrinths, the city incites the imagination, because the imagination invents the cities. Between capture and invention, it is the urgent work of inventing the city that will be discussed.

Ana Aragão (architect)
Graduated in Architecture from Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto, she has received scholarships and merit awards throughout her academic career. She studied architecture in Barcelona (Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona), where she worked simultaneously in an architecture and design book publishing house (LinksBooks, 2006-2007). She currently combines architecture research (themes related to the perception and representation of the city) with illustration, painting and drawing.

André Cepeda (photographer)
André Cepeda was born in 1976 in Coimbra. He was a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation grant holder for an artist's residence at FAAP, São Paulo, 2012. He was selected for the BESPhoto Award, 2010, and EDP New Artists Award, 2007, among others. Since 1999 he has exhibited regularly in Portugal and abroad, having also held several artist residencies. He was also the winner of the Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar/ EGEAC and Residency Unlimited, NY, with a 3 month UK residency in Brooklyn, NY. He is the author of books including "Depois" (2016), "Rua Stan Getz" (2015), "Rien" (2012 and 2014), "Ontem" (2010) and "Anti-Monumento" (2019).

Luís Carmelo (writer)
Luís Carmelo is the author of a vast literary work (twelve novels, among them "A Falha", adapted for cinema by João Mário Grilo in 2002). He obtained his PhD from the University of Utrecht (Holland) in the semiotic area in 1995 and is a professor at the Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL) in the areas of aesthetics and semiotics. As an essayist, he is the author of several works (including the 1988 A.P.E. Award) on semiotics, communication/ theory of culture, art, literary theory, as well as a diverse set of manuals (mainly in the area of creative writing). In 2008, he founded the School of Creative Writing Online (EC.ON).

Paulo Pires do Vale (philosopher)
Paulo Pires do Vale is a teacher, essayist and curator; president of the Associação Internacional de Críticos de Arte - Portugal. He has a degree and a Master in Philosophy from FCSH - Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He teaches at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Escola Superior de Educadores de Infância Maria Ulrich. He is the author of "Everything is something else. The desire in Hegel's Phenomenolgy of Spirit" Colibri, 2006; and many essays for magazines, books and catalogues of collective and individual exhibitions (by Alberto Carneiro, Ana Vieira, Ana Hatherly, Carlos Nogueira, Marta Wengorovius, Rui Chafes, Fernanda Fragateiro, Tomás Cunha Ferreira, Anne-Valérie Gasc and Vasco Araújo, among others). He also works as a curator.

Chair: Alexandra Martins and Luís Lima