Nicevenn · Nicevenn

2019, PT,

Happy Hours 2019

29 Nov 2019 · TM Rivoli, Café-Concerto · 18H00

Diana Rodrigues aka Nicevenn, started her journey as a DJ in Lousada, was in 2004 at the encouragement of her older brother Joca at Adeskabir - "Play some CD's" - he said, and since then the addiction has never died. She plays usually at main rock houses in the north of the country, and nowadays it is usual to find it #abanaracauda in houses like Rendez Vous - Porto, Barmali - Santo Tirso, Route66 - Freamunde, Sunny Side Bar - Lousada and the EP Estudio Café - Penafiel; she was also present at Álvaro Costa's Portugal 3.0 and festivals such as Indie Music Fest.