Animanimals · Animanimals

Julia Ocker

2019, DE, 120', M6

School Trip Workshops 2019

30 Nov 2019 · Mescla · 16H00

Animating animals: this is the main task of Julia Ocker, whose films focus on the (imaginary) daily life of other species. The filmmaker runs a workshop that aims to develop skills related to animation cinema and the construction of characters. Thus, participants are expected to write and draw their own stories. Ocker will also share her creative and imaginative processes. Before the workshop several episodes of the collection "Animanimals", directed by the filmmaker, will be screened. Aimed at families (children over 6 years old). Participants have access to the film screening to be held at 14h30 on 30th November at the Grand Auditorium of Porto Municipal Theater - Rivoli.

Price: 7 euro / children (O6), accompanied by an adult

The inscriptions must be submitted until November 28, Thursday, to the email projetoeducativo@portopostdoc.com, with the following data: workshop's title, children's data (name and birthday) and adult's data (name, e-mail and telephone number).

Tickets for the screening can be acquired at festival's Guest Office, Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli, or, concerning the workshop, directly at Guest Office do festival, no Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli, ou, no caso do workshop, directamente na Oficina Mescla (Pátio do Bolhão, nº 90).