Pedro Mesquita DJ Set

Pedro Mesquita DJ Set · Pedro Mesquita DJ Set

2018, PRT, 60'

Happy Hours 2018

28 Nov 2018 · TM Rivoli, Café-Concerto · 18H00

Vinhos Verdes and Cerveja Nortada ® offer a welcome drink during this special hour where the guests of the festival can meet for a moment of conversation. On this day, the invited DJ, in a partnership with Alinea A, is Pedro Mesquita. Throughout the Happy Hour, the event will be broadcast live online and will include interviews with festival guests.

Member of the group 7 Magníficos, Pedro Mesquita, or the Camarinha de Faro for the friends, is charisma in a crude state. A stage animal always with the best Hawaiian shirt and the most exotic records of names like Roberto Carlos, José Mário Branco or Sophia Loren.