O Espírito de Pucho Boedo

O Espírito de Pucho Boedo · The Spirit of Pucho Boedo

Lois Patiño

2018, ESP, 66', M12

Transmission 2018

01 Dec 2018 · Passos Manuel · 22H00

José "Pucho" Boedo (1928-1986) was the legendary singer of Los Tamara, band formed in Nóia, in Corunha, very popular in the years 1960/1970. They gave new life to Galician music, influenced by soul and rock. The well-known director of Vigo, Lois Patiño, entered the studio with the Carminha Novedades and during three days recorded the creative process of a version of the most successful Galician popular music of the twentieth century. Santiago I was born with a new soul and new clothes between swimming dives and conversations in the kitchen. The pair Esteban & Manuel reviews and pays tribute to Pucho Boedo and La Tamara. (César Nóbrega)