Painel #2: Pós-Memória // Ditadura

Painel #2: Pós-Memória // Ditadura · Painel #2: Post-Memory // Dictatorship

2017, PRT, 120'

Archive and Post-Memory 2017 / Forum of the Real 2017

30 Nov 2017 · FBAUP · 14H00

The history of dictatorships has been fertile ground to destroy the political truth of these violent and traumatic times. However, a new generation of authors has sought to investigate the archive in order to reveal the hidden memories of that period.

Jorge La Ferla (cultural critic)
Diego Schipani (Director and producer)
José Miguel Ribeiro (Director)
Chair: Margarida Calafate Ribeiro (CES – Universidade de Coimbra)