Bowie, l’homme cent visages ou le fantôme d’Hérouville

Bowie, O Homem dos Cem Rostos ou o Fantasma de Hérouville · Bowie, A Man with a Hundred Faces or The Phantom of Hérouville

Gaetan Chataigner, Christophe Conte

2015, FRA, 70', M12

Transmission 2016

03 Dec 2016 · TM Rivoli, Grande Auditório · 22H00

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Coinciding with Bowie's tragic departure on January 10, without being made as an elegy to his genius, this documentary stands as one of the most relevant testimonies in this year's all honors. He explores the myth of David Jones to Ziggy Stardust through archive footage, extracts from concert, testimonials from musicians, friends and collaborators, versions of his songs by recent artists, etc. David Bowie appears in this film as a ghost, ubiquitous in pop culture and in contemporary art, fashion, dance, but above all in our collective memory. Based on this idea, the filmmakers frame the interviews with several of Bowie's collaborators in a castle overshadowed by Bowie himself: the mythical studios of the Hérouville castle on the outskirts of Paris, where he composed and recorded two of his albums in the 1970s. In her gardens and interiors we have witnessed the contemporary wandering of artists presenting their versions of Bowie themes (Lou Doillon, Alain Chamfort, Chilly Gonzales, Barbara Carlotti, Jeanne Added, Bertrand Belin, Mathieu Saïkaly, Théodore, Paul et Gabriel, Aquaserge, Modooïd ...). The film serves as a starting point for rediscovering Bowie's characters as well as his music, spanning several decades of his career in just over an hour, but highlighting a unique moment when Gonzales explains, on piano, several technical aspects of the theme Life in Mars. (Dario Oliveira)