Pachamama · Pachamama

Eryk Rocha

2008, BRA, PER, BOL, 94', M12

Focus Eryk Rocha 2016

02 Dec 2016 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

It is Eryk Rocha himself that says it in a brief introduction: this is a film invented day by day, always in motion, where the script is determined by the uncertain path of its director. Pachamama is in this way a kind of logbook about a self-discovery trip, in the border area between Brazil, Bolivia and Peru and about rhythms, sounds and landscapes that occupy these scenarios united by a shared history. Through the faces and words of this story of a past despoiled, it is recorded the wake of the political involvement desire of indigenous people with the actual risk. The film uses a poetic language, looking for answers to the question of South American identity, and looking to rethink Brazil through other people. This documentary is thus also about the actual filming process along this journey. Returning to the words of Eryk Rocha: "I make films to find out who I am. To find out what I think and what I feel." (João Araújo)