Opri Zebrík O Nebe

Escada Encostada Ao Céu · Lean A Ladder Against Heaven

Jana Sevcíková

2014, CZE, 100', M12

Focus Sensory Ethnography Lab 2016

04 Dec 2016 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 16H30

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Between the Tatra Mountains the camera approaches, flying like a bird, of Žakovce, a small Slovak village, until reaching the first parish of Marian Kuffa, the hero of this sad story about faith and outcasts. In here live about 250 tormented souls – homeless, alcoholics, ex-convicts. The doors of Kuffa’s house are open to everyone, provided that they follow the implied rules: in exchange for food and shelter it’s necessary to work daily, leave the alcohol and live under the ten commandments. Jana Ševčíková spent five years filming in Žakovce and the result is an impressive a frank portrait of the lives of these men, who accept for need and with no hesitation the pass for redemption, but not able to maintain their part of the deal and seeing their freedom being threatened fall at the first steps of the stairway to heaven. Just like to any other hero, the voyage of Kuffa is difficult and filed with trails. A journey too many times unsuccessful and useless, in which the faith in Men and the faith in God get together or get apart just like oil and water.  (Lídia Queirós)