The Fits

The Fits · The Fits

Anna Rose Holmer

2015, USA, 71', M12

School Trip Teenage 2016 / Transmission 2016

30 Nov 2016 · Passos Manuel · 22H30

Toni, a young eleven-year-old girl from Cincinnati, becomes one of the newcomers of a dance group of the gym where she trains box. She gains routines and rehearses exercises in a persistent way, always captivated by the trust and objectivity that runs through the group. Gradually, she starts adapting and fitting in while at the same time a strange pathology affects the other girls, causing faintings and violent attacks. The Fits is a poetic exercise about the process of growing from child to teenage, a film accentuated with a magical realism, where emotions are mainly conveyed through movement, as it is in boxing or dancing. (Tiago Dias dos Santos)