Come Back, Africa

Volta, África · Come Back, Africa

Lionel Rogosin

1959, ZAF, 86', M12

Working Class Heroes: Lionel Rogosin 2015

08 Dec 2015 · Passos Manuel · 16H30

In 1957, Lionel Rogosin travelled to South Africa to record the life conditions of those suffering in the apartheid, as it had never been done before. Through clandestine filming and without resorting to actors, the film switches between documentary and fiction, revealing a hidden reality. The images of the black neighbourhoods show a population living in miserable conditions, where the music seems to mask the sadness underneath each face. But it is the story of Zachariah, a man looking for a meaning and for the survival of his family, who works as a metaphor for this country. In this story, created to represent so many others like it, reality blurs with fiction and fiction merges with reality, in a film wrapped in angry and desperate echoes. João Araújo