The Thoughts That Once We Had

Os Pensamentos que Outrora Tivemos · The Thoughts That Once We Had

Thom Andersen

2015, USA, 108', M12

Focus Thom Andersen 2015

06 Dec 2015 · Passos Manuel · 22H15


In terms of formal structure, this film is Andersen’s loosest: away from the usual chapter structure and voice-over narration, the segments of The Thoughts That Once We Had follow one another as spontaneous thoughts of questions and answers, as if we were witnessing a brainstorming process. Deleuze’s quotes guide this analysis of film history (which started with the discovery of the human face by silent film), and the film tests a correspondence between the history of ideas and the history of moving images. Images are vital in the construction of ideologies – whether communism, fascism or capitalism – and we must examine them to understand the past, for they bear witness for what has been lost. Andersen answers to "Hiroshima Mon Amour": “You saw nothing in Hiroshima / Nothing / Because there was nothing to see”. (Sabrina D. Marques)